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The poulterer already had a slaughtering and cutting site nearby. He wanted to rebuild a completely new unit, in order to benefit from a tool capable of increased productivity. On the old site, waste is conveyed by liquid ring pumps and boosters. These technologies are suitable for conveying waste, but require high water and electricity consumption. For its new site, efficiency is the watchword. Les Fermiers du Gers, BP TECH and Leybold therefore worked together to create and put into service an innovative centralized system for conveying waste by suction.Bp tech Leybold supplied the appropriate vacuum solution to integrator BP Tech. The latter, meanwhile, dimensioned and installed the entire conveying network.


The pumping solution

Bp techThe CLAWVAC System CP 1200i is the vacuum solution that has won everyone's votes. It brings together in a compact unit 4 CLAWVAC 300 m3/h claw pumps, a micro-automaton, electrical components, .... A turnkey solution, easy to install, and delivered ready to operate. Based on CLAWVAC dry claw pump technology, this system is specifically suited to very difficult applications, involving possible contamination of the pump by particles or process gases. Inside, the pumps are easily accessible for maintenance or cleaning.
In order to limit the entry of material into the pump bodies, 2 liquid separators and 2 particle filters have been added upstream of the box, on the suction line. The particles conveyed by the suction are thus easily retained, and the flow rate can be guaranteed. Another key point of the CLAWVAC System CP 1200i is that it works in tandem with variable speed (VSD) and cascade switching technologies. It makes it possible to generate a vacuum on demand according to production requirements and speeds while being energy efficient, one of the customer's prerequisites.
As the finished product is in high demand at specific times of the year, the production line must be able to withstand variations in speed and operate at reduced flow when necessary.
Energy savings are instantly measurable. The system self-regulates by starting 2, 3 or 4 pumps, implying that you only pay for what you actually consume at the time T. Finally, another advantage of the CP1200i system is that, unlike pumps with liquid ring, this does not require water for its operation, thus reducing consumption significantly.


Bp techUser experience

The new production line ticks all the boxes in terms of ease of use, yield and energy savings. It was installed and taken over quickly and fulfills its primary function as a vacuum plant on demand. Thanks to upstream filtration, the CP1200i is properly protected, and can operate without maintenance for more than a year. The user only has to check his filters once a week. The solution is thus efficient and requires little maintenance. The way opens for BP Tech and Leybold towards a functional replica of the installation on other agri-food sites.



Excerpt from Leybold magazine - May 2022 - Success story | Les Fermiers du Gers

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